Battery Management Features

Our battery management system is the heart of a Corvus battery pack. It ensures even power charge and distribution even at extremely high power delivery. This solid state technology is available at military grade specs or marinized to meet and exceed the needs of global applications.

Battery status information can be transmitted via various communication protocols to integrate the battery data with systems management. Corvus batteries can be monitored and controlled anywhere from the system location to the comfort of your desk.


  • Various communication protocols available - SMBus, SPI Bus and CanBus.
  • Gas gauge monitoring.
  • Voltage and temperature monitoring.
  • Charge and discharge limits monitoring.
  • Cell balancing.
  • Safety systems control.
  • System diagnostics.
  • General user interface display.
  • Charging control.
  • Remote monitoring (optional).


Corvus Energy designs and manufactures high power lithium ion ENERGY STORAGE MODULE (Li-ion) energy storage battery solutions for heavy industrial applications