The Corvus Energy AT6500 is ideally suited as the building block for your solar power battery needs.


Many electricity generation systems use more than one kind of generator to provide a smoother supply of power. Many systems pair one or more wind turbines with a photovoltaic (solar) array, elements of passive solar heating and/or lighting, and a back-up diesel generator. A Corvus Energy pack offers a robust backbone to any combination of solar and alternative energies, incorporating all supplies into one smooth flow of power to meet your needs.

Currently Corvus Energy is focused on large scale off grid homes and grid tie commercial applications. Typical single-family homes are generally too small in scale to warrant the extensive engineering costs associated with a correctly designed and implemented system.

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  • A Corvus pack can be sized to suit your needs. Specifically, we can match your capacity (any size is possible).

  • Safest battery you can buy - We need no special enclosures and do not require climate controlled environments. Thanks to our unique and patented Battery Management System, we can operate at extreme conditions with complete confidence in the safety of our product.

  • Flexible application - A Corvus Energy pack can be configured to operate at many voltages and battery sizes, can be installed in any configuration to meet your needs, and will provide decades of continuous and safe power for you.

  • Maintenance - There is no maintenance with a Corvus Energy pack; it is 100% . Once the system is installed and commissioned, you can walk away and enjoy the peace of mind which comes from knowing that you have the best power system in the world backing up your solar panels.

  • Incredible discharge rates - We can operate the battery at its discharge capacity (this is effectively the same as the size of the bank) until it reaches 100% DOD (depth of discharge) - Without damaging the battery!!!

  • Incredible charge rates - No matter what the size of your charging system is, our batteries can take the charge. There is no downside to fast or slow re-charges, and the battery has no memory effect to be concerned about.

  • Size and weight - A Corvus Energy battery has the highest power density and the greatest power capacity - Resulting in the lightest footprint and least visible battery pack available to the public and commercial industry today.

  • Backup power - By using our batteries in your systems, you are getting the best back up power available today. Our batteries are clean and consistent and offer up to 100% discharge with no damage or memory effect. Corvus Energy batteries self-discharge at such a low rate it would take years of no charging to deplete our batteries.
    Compared to lead acid batteries which should never be discharged below 50% and self-discharge at 10% per month, it is obvious; when you need backup power, Corvus Energy is the best choice.

  • Cost - Our power packs are the best quality and the best technology available today, and as such they do cost more up front. That price is actually already cheaper than conventional formulations when you factor the lifetime of our batteries (decades not years). They can be purchased up front or leased over twenty years, making them readily affordable today. Why wait to have the best technology providing you with peace of mind within your solar system?

  • Support - Corvus Energy will work with your solar providers and designers to ensure that our systems are tailor made for your installation. This means they deliver the right amount of power at the right time to meet your needs. We certify every installation of our products to ensure the longevity of the pack and that your needs are met for years to come.

We stand behind our products. Nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction.


Corvus Energy designs and manufactures high power lithium ion ENERGY STORAGE MODULE (Li-ion) energy storage battery solutions for heavy industrial applications